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Changing your LJ favicon 
12th-May-2011 09:53 pm
[misc] Write that fic!
If you're like me, you really despise that LiveJournal recently made a change to journal favicons. (A favicon, if you're unaware, is the little graphic that shows up on the left of either the top of your browser window or tab, and sometimes in the address bar. LJ currently has two favicons: The blue pencil for communities and a user's current userhead for their journal.) I'm not a fan of the LJ userheads on the best day, but having it stretched and then used as my favicon is especially annoying (and confounding!) for several reasons.

If you have a paid account and want to override the default favicon on your journal, it's fairly easy.

1. Find or make a 16x16 graphic you like. p.yusukekamiyamane.com's Fugue and Diagona sets are good, quick options free for use on non-commercial sites.

2. Convert your graphic to .ico. If your icon is .png, you can use this site. Otherwise, just Google, online converters are easy to find.

3. Host your image somewhere that allows hotlinking.

4. See this tutorial.

Please note that this override will not show in IE or Chrome. I've also tested it in Firefox and Opera, however, and it works for those browsers. You can see my personal journal (bzzinglikeneon) for an example.
13th-May-2011 11:03 pm (UTC)
I wish I wasn't so lazy & inept with codes because I would totally do this. I really don't like the bald guy.
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